Haprians Protein treatment & Deep Conditioner


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Haprian Deep Conditioner improves hair strength & elasticity by balancing water levels in hair fibers. Hair strength depends on Cuticle integrity and the amount of water in the threads. Moisture is important to maintain healthy hair as it keeps it hydrated and helps retain shine & prevents dryness. Without water, your hair becomes dry & Brittle & much more prone to breakages. The protein and water in your hair actually go hand in hand in order to maintain optimal health. Water molecules bind with protein and so with the right balance of both, protein enables moisture to penetrate.

Deep Conditioning (what we sometimes refer to as “steaming”) provides a preventable measure for your hair so that when you Style, wash & manipulate your hair, there is as minor damage as possible. It should be a consistent part of your regimen irrespective of the season.

Haprians Protein treatment helps to restore damaged hair. Because your hair is mainly made of protein, you need to ensure that you are following a hair routine that prevents protein loss and damage caused by heat styling, chemical treatments & environmental factors. When your hair is damaged, the cuticle becomes weak and exposes the cortex. This leads to loss of protein which in turn causes fiber fractures and Split ends.

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