Haprians Organic Hair Care Set Combo 2


Haprian naturals ,organic hair care set for both Permed and Natural hair, is enriched with herbs, natural and essential oils that enhances hair growth, avoids split ends, prevents breakage, prevents dandruff, fights lost and receding edges, promotes scalp health and it makes your hair thicker and fuller. Haprian naturals is a brand solely known for its amazing reviews from its clients due to the quality and richness of its products. 😍😍😍
Above are the Range of Haprian Naturals Products

1. Haprian Pure Honey
2. Haprian Organic Coconut Oil
3. Haprian Organic Castor oil.
4. Haprian Black Soap Shampoo
5. Haprian Detangling& Strengthening Conditioner
6. Haprian Leave in Conditioner
7. Haprian Growth & Repair Oil
8. Haprian Deep Conditioner
9. Haprian Growth Hair butter
10. Haprian Protein Treatment
11. Haprian Organic Neem oil
12. Haprian Organic Baobab oil.
13. Haprian hydrating Hair Mist
14. Haprian Organic Sweet Almond oil

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